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Receive experienced support and actionable advice for your upcoming innovation event or conference.

Do you need a facilitator for a larger national or international assembly, for a staff seminar of strategic importance, or do you need a knowledgable on-stage moderator who uses a journalistic approach to help people get their message across, in a meaningful and lively way?

WiredMind offers to facilitate your events, meetings, or conferences helping to pinpoint those cross-domain relevant questions that will include everyone there. 

Facilitation is perfect, if you:
  • Have experienced silence, or very few relevant comments from an audience asked to get involved

  • Want your staff to participate, rather than facilitate

  • Need a facilitator specialized in innovation methods

  • Want to widen the scope by including more knowledge domains

Need help setting the right team?

If even your best innovation effort suffers, sometimes the team needs to be reshuffled. WiredMind can help. 

The facilitation process

As a facilitator, ensuring valuable output from a conference, meeting or event is a tricky process, if your own participation is critical. This is why getting help from the outside can be quite worthwhile. 

Keeping an eye on the process at all times, hovering over the group setting to move the agenda forward, is attention consuming and might result in having left important points unsaid. 

WiredMind offers experienced facilitation assistance helping you reach your goals.

A typical facilitation process involves:


  • A briefing session

  • Agenda-setting and adjusting

  • Facilitation

  • Debriefing 

Who is behind this?

WiredMind is based on a fundamental fascination and enthusiasm for what humans can co-create when we want to.

Want more?

WiredMind specializes in innovative connections between ideas, people, organizations and technologies.

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