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Signe Skov-Hansen

+45 41171720

Balancing tech tales with social - because it
makes sense

Signe is at the forefront of corporate social innovation, zeroing in on sustainability in i.e. the service industry, she has been a force in creating accredited innovation management training programmes, been editor-in-chief of one of the largest member’s magazines in Denmark, helped set-up crowdsourcing organizations, the sustainability festival Copenhagen Bug Fest, inventor’s stage-gatemodels in, and collected inventor stories for, innovation models and methodologies for, worked with implementing robotics in businesses, developed and led innovation consorts to develop novel social technology.  


Through her work on developing and validating technologies, Signe has contributed to the debate on robots and societal change in national media.


Signe is an experienced speaker, and takes great pride in connecting with the audience – young students or executive teams - at eye-level.

Teaching Technology & Society to sociology students at Copenhagen University, Signe keeps herself up to speed on state-of-the-art research.

Signe holds several trusted positions as executive director for board of directors in the service industry, and non-executive positions internationally as well as an advisory board role at the University of Copenhagen, where she emphasizes collaboration.

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