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The story

WiredMind is founded on a celebration of the human innovative capacity: Actually widening the scope through knowledge sharing, including new types of people in organizations, ensuring means for alternative interpretations, unprecedented methods and technologies. 


WiredMind bridges ideas, people, organizations. And technologies.

An experienced innovation strategist, speaker, listener and doer, Signe Skov-Hansen is the founder of WiredMind.

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At WiredMind, innovation is not a buzzword. It is the core of an extensive toolbox for re-wiring and combining business development with a deeply-rooted professional passion for creating meaningful and novel solutions in communities of co-workers and collaborators.


Innovation management is about creating the optimal structures and processes for successes and failures. Research solidifies, that management sets the bar for an entire organization, and so working with WiredMind typically starts here - with managers and executive leadership.

Technology and insights

Technologies are our past, present and future. WiredMind sees through the stardust and recommends solutions – for collaborative processes, and for product or service development. With solid experience and insight into the realm of technological possibilities for facilitating collaboration internally and externally, to support the customer’s service journey and to participate in development projects giving an edge, WiredMind ensures the updated overview.


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WiredMind specializes in creating new, valuable connections between knowledge domains. For example:

  • Setting-up executive or non-executive boards, focusing on the knowledge-heterogeneous teams 

  • Leadership talks – about business development and transformative processes

  • Creating innovative projects and consorts between businesses, or between businesses, organizations and research institutions, incl. fundraising

  • Mapping and advising on preference profiles in connection to innovative processes and team establishment

  • User studies and employee engagement for mapping possibilities and barriers, i.e. in introducing new technology

  • Conference hosting and planning innovation tours

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Talks and training

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