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Innovation Narrative

Extract and convey your organization's story using bulletproof innovation know-how.

Sometimes innovation isn't the problem. Your organization's performance over time seems to prove that point. But somehow, your staff or the world around you haven't really grasped that innovation is at the core of what you do. 

You could hire a communication consultant to work on getting your point across. Perhaps you've already tried that. Perhaps you've found that communication needs to be more than frosting on the cake?

WiredMind offers a different approach: A deep-dive into uncovering the innovation methods you already use, the innovative culture you've created without anyone necessarily labelling it as such, the product and service development you've mastered to succeed.


All of that extracted into your innovation narrative through the lens of innovation theory and method for you to share the world. 

An innovation narrative is perfect, if:
  • Your current communication practice doesn't quite convey the innovative nature of your work

  • Competition is breeding a market too focused on price, rather than quality of work 

  • You need to revitalize your organization's understanding of past, current and future innovation achievements  

  • Your organization could use a strong innovation lens to uncover valuable hidden stories within the organization

The power of your innovation story

Make sure your innovative efforts are a known part of the organization's offer.

Call, text, or email WiredMind for more information. 

Innovation narrative - the process

The process of finding the innovation narrative varies greatly, dependent on previous practices of the particular organization.


However, a process includes the following steps:

  • Initial briefing and interview session

  • Agreement on process plan

  • Nondisclosure agreement upon request

  • Access to existing communication material

  • Visit to site and interview session 

  • Draft narrative 

  • Feedback session

  • Final innovation narrative delivered

Who is behind this?

WiredMind is based on a fundamental fascination and enthusiasm for what humans can co-create when we want to.

Do you want more?

WiredMind specializes in innovative connections between ideas, people, organizations and technologies.

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