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"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses."

The quote is attributed to Henry Ford upon introduction of the first mass-market automobile. The statement illustrates one of the schisms faced by any innovative organization: How are people supposed to imagine the next shifts in paradigm, the next groundbreaking invention changing the way we live?


User studies help us uncover people’s acknowledged and unacknowledged needs, transforming insights into distinct business-critical intel. WiredMind challenges the common user studies and creates valuable quantitative and qualitative insights.

Insights are perfect, if you:
  • Want to get a clearer understanding of the customer- or service experience your business offers.

  • Wonder why your customers' answers do not correlate with their real actions.

  • Need someone who successfully challenges common user studies, or offer support to your existing methodology. 

  • Want to know more about your customers pains, actual needs and the motivations behind.

  • Want someone who understands innovation benchmarks to extract a clearly communicable innovation narrative for your business.

What's your innovation story? - Do your customers agree?

Perhaps you’ve already asked your customers what they prefer, but discovered that their responses do not correlate with their actual actions. WiredMind is here to help. Call, email, or text to find out how.  

It's a process

Do you need to know more about what your customers actually need, what they do with your products or services, what happens when they almost press “order now”, but fail to take the final step, or do you want to understand a customer- or service journey experience with your business?

Using established methods in novel constellations tailored to the organization, WiredMind successfully challenges common user studies to create valuable quantitative and qualitative insights. Through user study design, execution and analysis, or by training your staff to carry out the study.  

Who is behind this?

WiredMind is based on a fundamental fascination and enthusiasm for what humans can co-create when we want to.

Want more?

WiredMind specializes in innovative connections between ideas, people, organizations and technologies.

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