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The user study – take I

This is for you. The decision maker, the manager who helps the organization decide which strategically sound path to trot.

You already know, that the users must be met, and you know that putting an ear to the ground requires a job well thought out and well carried through. You can make it happen.

Sometimes though, a fast-paced business environment leads you to take chances, decide on an intuitive notion, decide based on facts. Quantifiable facts.

Fact is, someone once decided to quantify those facts. Operationalize just how and what to quantify. Perhaps they turned the data into KPI’s accepted by a board of directors.

What if they were wrong, or just a little off? – If their insights lacked the user experience of current days? – What difference would it make to your results, if you embarked on a user insights journey?

The user study – take II

This is for you. The user insights lead. We all know you’re out there. KPI’s and existing organizational belief-systems are what’s keeping you from carrying out the meaningful study.

You’ve probably had your insights design and questionnaires scrutinized by senior executives. You’ve most definitely had to kill a few darlings.

Hopefully, you’re in an organization that understands the critical power of user studies, and that ‘nice to have’ does not apply here. It’s quite possible that the review processes made your user studies better. It’s also possible, that an entire team have felt professional integrity punch them in the stomach from the inside.

So this is for you: What if a select peer team of highly qualified user insights experts from around the globe were to assist you in evaluating your user studies design? – What if translating and solidifying your findings into measurable insights for the senior executives were the core objective in a community of peers, certifying your work with their professional opinions? – Would you want to join?

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