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Talks & Tours

Sit back and listen while a preferred speaker guides you back in time and brings the future closer.

We take the listener on a time travel - and link the past with the present to bring the future closer.

Revisit technological hype cycles, amazing technological developments no one noticed, inventions that taught us something we may have forgotten. And bring it back to present day. What we need to remember to live and thrive in a world of technological wonder.

WiredMind's talks, presentation, and teaching provide at the same time inspiration and information for everything from a small group to international conference presentations.

Topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Real value creation: When KPIs no longer make sense.

  • A faster horse, or a drone? Get a grip on user involvement now.

  • Employee involvement: Motivation, approaches, and experiences.

  • Innovation: With or without disruption.

  • Sustainable business development and innovation.

  • Corporate Social Innovation: From UN Sustainable development goals to next generation CSR?

  • The robot in all of us: Life with Siri and the production- and service robot.

  • Technology we live by, from the Industrial Revolution to virtual gaming - and how it shapes our lives

Talk the talk - Walk the walk

Get your organization thinking about innovation listening to a WiredMind talk, or treat your group to an innovation tour linking society and technology.
Want to know more? Call, text, or email. 

Talks & Tours - the process

Talks can take place at a desired location, during a conference or at a seminar. However, WiredMind also specializes in guided innovation tours designed specifically for your group, visiting sites of technological development and epicenters of societal change. Whether you are opting for a talk or a guided tour, the process typically follows these steps:


  • Scoping the topic and type of talk or tour

  • Iterating and agreeing on plan drafted by WiredMind

  • Final plan and practical details

  • Execution

  • Follow-up session as desired

Who is behind this?

WiredMind is based on a fundamental fascination and enthusiasm for what humans can co-create when we want to.

Do you want more?

WiredMind specializes in innovative connections between ideas, people, organizations and technologies.

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