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WiredMind helps you plan engaging innovation workshop to generate insights, ideas and visionary 


The workshops are particularly effective for new team constellations, when new ideas or idea handling processes are needed, for widening the outlook, when strategy and vision statements need a revisit, or when there is a need for restructuring, i.e. in the wake of generational changes, or the introduction of new technology. The right workshops are also a known remedy to alleviate and get past internal conflicts.


WiredMind offers involving workshops based on verified methods. Methods are adapted from a wide range of fields, including sociology, the humanities, hands-on design thinking, Whole Brain®, journalism, netnography and linguistics.

Workshop formats are perfect for:
  • New team constellations

  • Management groups

  • Advisory boards

  • Executive boards

  • Stakeholder involvement

  • Conference groups

Ready to widen your outlook?

Perhaps the strategy and the vision statements need new valuable insights based on verified, practice-oriented, and involving methods? WiredMind is here to help. Call, email, or text to find out how.

Workshop process

A workshop is designed in close coordination with the client. Typically, the preparations include:


  • A briefing session setting the goals for the workshop

  • Agreeing on methodology

  • Assigning roles

  • Setting the teams 

  • A debriefing 

Who is behind this?

WiredMind is based on a fundamental fascination and enthusiasm for what humans can co-create when we want to.

Want more?

WiredMind specializes in innovative connections between ideas, people, organizations and technologies.

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